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Transportation Services

Transportation Services mission is to provide; vehicles to University departments; vehicle repair, maintenance, servicing and refueling for University vehicles; vehicles and related services to state agencies upon request; and operate as a self-supporting departmental unit within UNL Business & Finance by providing high quality vehicles and related services at economical pricing.


Transportation Services is responsible for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's vehicle acquisition, liability insurance charge distribution, vehicle rental, distribution of rental rate schedules, establishing maintenance and repair procedures; scheduling the disposal of all UNL vehicles; holding title to all UNL vehicles; and securing license, title and registration for UNL, UNO and UNMC vehicles. Transportation Services also administers the Voyager fuel credit card for the four University campuses. Transportation Services has been established for the purpose of providing vehicles to faculty and staff for University business and for maintaining and repairing vehicles owned by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Transportation Services objective is to maintain a reliable, safe and attractive fleet of vehicles, so that University personnel requiring transportation have the necessary vehicles available for the required time period. To operate the fleet within the guidelines established by the federal government, the Nebraska Legislature, the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska and UNL administrators.

To provide rental and repair service for vehicles at a reasonable level to all users as we operate as an auxiliary service that is required to cover all of our operation costs.

To take maximum advantage of opportunities as they arise to enhance our services through a systematic review of all operational procedures on an ongoing basis.