Care Maintenance, and Use

Each department, and in turn the driver of a University vehicle should assume the responsibility of proper care and maintenance of vehicles assigned for their use. Departments will normally be billed to a maximum of $400.00 per accident for the repair of damage to Transportation Services rental vehicle, which occurred during the rental period except in instances where the cost of the repair is covered by an insurance settlement or by prompt payments received from a person or a group of persons admitting responsibility for the damage. In cases where extensive damage to a rental vehicle is the result of clear abuse or carelessness during the rental period, the department will be billed for more than the normal $400.00 maximum. Replacement vehicles will be charged to the responsible department at the daily rental rate.

Departments owning their vehicles are responsible for the entire cost of repair or replacement, unless physical damage insurance coverage has been purchased from UNL Risk Management.

Department authorities should inform all operators of vehicles rented by their departments of this policy.

Oil Changes

Transportation Services will normally perform Oil Changes for vehicles rented on a daily basis. For vehicles rented on a monthly or annual basis the service sticker in the vehicle will indicate to a driver when service is required. The engine oil should be changed each 4,000 miles or 12 months for light usage, or every 2,000 miles or 12 months for heavy usage. The following items should be completed when the vehicle oil is changed:

  • Change the oil filter.
  • Fill all fluid to proper levels.
  • Tires should be inflated to proper pressures (including the spare tire).
  • Lubricate front suspension joints if applicable.
  • Clean and inspect the air filter.
  • Check windshield wiper blades, replace if needed.

NOTE: Vehicles in the Lincoln area should have all service and repair work performed at Transportation services.