General Use of University Vehicles

Last Revised: 
August 31, 2012

The head of the department or designated department vehicle coordinator to which the vehicle is assigned must authorize the use of a University owned or leased vehicle. The use of all University owned or leased vehicles will be confined strictly to the conducting of official business of the University. At no time is personal use of University owned or leased vehicles allowed. Personal use examples: Weekend Driving unrelated to University business; Vacation driving; Commute mileage; Midday drive away from regular workplace solely or primarily for personal reasons; Loan of vehicle to authorized driver(s) for use unrelated to University business; Transport of personal pets (service animals while performing their duties and on-duty police dogs are exempt).

There may be situations where the best interest of the University is served by having the driver retain possession of the vehicle during non-duty periods and authorization to do so should be cleared with the department head and Transportation Services Director.

University vehicles are not to be used for personal use per Nebraska Statute No. 81-1024

"No officer or employee of the State of Nebraska shall use any motor vehicle owned by the State of Nebraska for any personal use whatsoever. Any officer or employee who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a Class V misdemeanor, and in addition thereto the officer or employee shall be deemed guilty of official misconduct in office for palpable omission of duty, and upon conviction thereof the court shall have the power to add to the judgment that any officer or employee shall be removed from office or employment."

Every driver of a University vehicle is vulnerable to public criticism. Many complaints and reported misuse can be avoided if each driver adheres to the following rules:

  1. DO NOT use a University owned vehicle for any personal transportation as per State Statute 60-1005.
  2. DO NOT use a University-owned vehicle for towing, unless towing has been approved by Transportation Services.
  3. Do observe all traffic rules and regulations.
  4. DO drive carefully, safely and courteously.
  6. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN ANY UNIVERSITY VEHICLE as per University of Nebraska policy.
  7. Seat belt usage is required for all passengers in all State-owned vehicles as per University of Nebraska policy.
  8. Radar Detectors are not to be used while operating a State owned vehicle as per Executive Order by the Governor of The State of Nebraska.

University vehicles are subject to the same parking rules and regulations as personal vehicles such as “No Parking” zones, restricted curb zones marked in red-yellow-blue, sidewalks, pedestrian crosswalks, barricaded or closed lots, or handicap parking.  University departments and affiliated government departments may park a state or government vehicle, leased or owned in non-reserved parking lots, Area A or C, and may park the vehicle temporarily in Service and Delivery spaces. State or government vehicles may not park in reserved parking areas unless authorized by Parking and Transit Services Department. Citations for all parking and traffic violations will be the personal responsibility of the driver. This includes parking tickets received while parking on the UNL campus.