Vehicle Driver Responsibilities

Drivers are responsible for inspecting a rented vehicle prior to leaving the place where the vehicle is rented. Once the driver leaves the rental facility with the vehicle, any damages found are the responsibility of the renting party.

Drivers will not operate a vehicle that the driver suspects is not operating properly. The driver will park the vehicle and make appropriate arrangements so that the vehicle can be serviced, otherwise operated safely, or towed.

Drivers must only transport the number of persons for which there are seatbelts in the vehicle. The driver must make certain that all persons in the vehicle wear their seatbelts.

Drivers must observe all traffic regulations. Drivers are personally responsible for any traffic citations (tickets) that may be issued as a result of operating a University vehicle.
Drivers must take appropriate precautions when driving conditions are hazardous. (This includes but is not limited to dust storms, fog, heavy rain, snow, or ice conditions). This includes allowing enough time for travel.

Drivers are responsible for taking appropriate measures to secure and safeguard the vehicle until it is returned to the designated location at the University or the rental company. In cases where a private rental vehicle is used (see below), the driver is responsible for complying with all rules and regulations associated with the private rental contract.