Vehicle Safety Inspection

The UNL Vehicle Safety Inspection Policy is hereby established in the interest of vehicle, occupant, and highway safety. This policy responds to:

  • The NU Board of Regents General Policy - University Injury and Illness Prevention Program (RP-6.3.5).
  • Nebraska Revised Statues, Chapter 60, Section 6, which generally requires motor vehicles to have operational safety features.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Association, Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 1, which requires at least annual motor vehicle inspection of systems, subsystems, and components having substantial relation to safe vehicle performance.

Effective November 25, 2002, all University of Nebraska-Lincoln owned/leased/donated/licensed motor vehicles must undergo and pass an annual vehicle safety inspection. New current model year vehicles are not subject to this policy for 12-months following acquisition.

Vehicles in the Lincoln area are to be inspected by ASE certified mechanics in the UNL Department of Transportation Services. Unless pre-authorized by Transportation Services, safety inspections performed by vendors in Lincoln NE will not be accepted.

Vehicles submitted to Transportation Services for safety inspection must be accompanied by the current monthly mileage log. Failure to maintain the mileage log may result in a failed vehicle safety inspection.

Vehicles outside of the Lincoln area are to be inspected by ASE certified mechanics at facilities of the user's choice. All vehicle inspections are to be conducted and recorded in accordance with the UNL Vehicle Safety Inspection Form, available from the UNL Department of Transportation Services. Copies of completed forms are to be forwarded to and maintained by Transportation Services. Vehicles failing the safety inspection are not to be operated until the defects are corrected and a satisfactory safety inspection is completed. Vehicles not inspected, or failing safety inspection and not taken out of service, will result in higher liability insurance assessments for the department.

When vehicle safety inspections are performed at locations other than Transportation Services, copies of the prior two months mileage logs must be submitted with the completed UNL Vehicle Safety Inspection Form. If mileage log copies are not provided, a letter from the using department’s administration is required explaining 1) why mileage logs are not available, and 2) the course of action to ensure mileage logs will be properly maintained. Neither Vehicle Safety Inspection Forms or providing copies of mileage logs with the Inspection Form will substitute for the requirement of submitting end of month odometer/usage readings.

Deans, Directors Department Heads/Chairs of the departments to which vehicles are registered are responsible to ensure compliance with this policy. Inspection cost will be the responsibility of the owning department.